Three new initiatives received support from the Bilateral Fund

21. 1. 2020
The Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic approved a grant for three other initiatives that will receive support from the Bilateral fund of the Environment, Ecosystems and Climate Change Programme.

Support was granted to the following bilateral initiatives:

  • Fuel combustion and their influence on the air and the environment – bilateral cooperation of APOKS and Norsk Energi

The initiative was presented by the APOKS and focuses on the issue of small sources of air pollution. The partner of the initiative is Norsk Energi. The aim is to establish cooperation, share good practice and prepare future projects on reducing pollution from small domestic sources.

  • Strengthening of the collaboration between the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice and COWI AS in Water Monitoring

Protection of Water is one of the most crucial global challenges for the 21st. century. “New” pollutants in the environment and their effect on freshwater ecosystems is one of the research programs of the University of South Bohemia, which presented this bilateral initiative. Norwegian partner is COWI AS. A four-day workshop will be organized as part of the initiative to exchange experience and prepare future joint projects in the field of the ‚new‘ extraneous compounds in aquatic and soil environments.

  • Building partnership and knowledge base towards sustainable use of underground in cities

The initiative was presented by the Czech Geological Survey and focuses on cooperation with the Geological Survey of Norway in the field of urban geology. The aim is to create cooperation between Czech and Norwegian experts in geological surveys, geomatics and 3D modelling. The initiative combines the problems of underground use, urban planning and environmental protection in cities. The information brochure about urban geology will be also created as part of this initiative.

A regularly updated table of supported bilateral initiatives can be found at:


Can I still apply in the Bilateral fund?

Under the Trolltunga Call, it is still possible to raise grant for bilateral initiatives between Czech and Norwegian partner organizations. Of the total allocation of EUR 100 000, approximately 40 percent (ie. 40 000 EUR) is currently still available. The call will be closed on 30 June 2020. Supported bilateral initiatives must be implemented by June 30, 2021 at the latest.