Realized bilateral initiatives

On this page, you will find basic information on all bilateral initiatives already undertaken under the Environment, Ecosystems and Climate Change program.

  • Fuel combustion and their influence on the air and the environment – bilateral cooperation of APOKS and Norsk Energi

 „The Norwegian grants and the “Trolltunga” call allowed us to establish bilateral relations with the Norwegian organization Norsk Energi. Only in a personal meeting can all aspects of the issue be discussed in detail. Norsk Energi’s professionalism and brilliant attitude confirmed me in the right direction. Our four-day mission enabled us to discuss in detail the work and experience of both organizations, to learn the procedures for data evaluation and processing, to look at various applications that reduce the negative impact of human activity on air  quality and, above all, strengthen our bilateral relations. We greatly appreciate the opportunities and support we have received and I believe that we will be able to establish long-term cooperation between the two organizations, which will be beneficial for improving air quality in our country as well as in Norway.“  (Walter Sodomka, director of APOKS)

More information about projekt: APOKS, z.s.