Matchmaking Seminar

The Matchmaking Seminar for potential project promoters and project partners from the donor and beneficiary state will be held on 10th April 2019 in Prague.


What is the purpose of the Seminar?

The main goal of the matchmaking seminar is to strengthen and establish new cooperation among those interested in the funding provided under the Programme and potential project partners from Norway. Participants will be familiarized with the focus of the Environment, Ecosystems and Climate Change Programme, they will learn the technical aspects of grant applications and they will have possibility to meet representatives of partner organizations from Norway who are interested in working on projects in the Czech Republic.


For whom is our seminar addressed?

Matchmaking seminar is for all eligible applicants in the Environment, Ecosystem and Climate Change Programme. It means all entities that are legal entities in the Czech Republic and in the Norway.

Participation in the seminar is free of charge, but please note the capacity of the seminar is limited. (Representatives of the umbrella organizations will be preferred in case of higher interest.) The organizer will provide snacks during the seminar.


What are the costs for you?

Czech participants: Seminar is free of charge. The organizer does not pay travel and accommodation costs. The organizer will not arrange accommodation and transport for Czech participants.

Norwegian participants: Seminar is free of charge. The organizer will arrange accommodation and transport for Norwegian participants.


Interested in attending seminar? Please fill out the following login form.

Please note the participation is considered as a maximum of 2 participants per organization. In case of high interest the organizer reserves the right to limit the participation to a maximum of 1 delegate per organization or apply a selection procedure of suitable candidates.