The first three initiatives are approved

19. 11. 2019
On 13 November 2019, the Minister of the Environment approved a grant for the first three initiatives to receive financial support from Bilateral fund under the Environment, Ecosystem and Climate Change Programme.


Support was granted to the following bilateral initiatives:

  • FOREST-AGRICULTURE-WATER NEXUS: Bilateral Workshops for supporting Tools for Ecosystem Services Governance (ForAWat Bilateral Workshops)

The initiative was presented by Jan Evangelista Purkyně University and focuses on ecosystem water services in relation to forestry and agriculture. The aim of the initiative is to share experience and good practice in forest, agriculture and water ecosystem services government. The initiative will also include workshops for the professional public. The partner is the Norwegian University of the Life Science and the Global Change Research Institute CAS. The bilateral initiative received support of EUR 8 077.

  • Vegetation health monitoring under ongoing climate change using remote sensing

The initiative was presented by the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of CULS Prague and focuses on remote monitoring of the state of European vegetation in connection with negative impact of climate change, such as long-term droughts or pest infestations. The aim of the initiative is to share experience and scientific knowledge on the impacts of climate change, which have an impact on agricultural and forestry production. The partner is NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS. The bilateral initiative received support of EUR 12 459.

  • Stabilization and development of black grouse (Tetrao tetrix) in the Czech Republic based on the Norwegian knowledge

The initiative was presented by the Forestry and Game Management Research Institute, v.v.i. and focuses on sharing good practice in the protection of black grouse in the wild. The initiative will include, for example, a seminar for the professional public and publications of expert articles on the current state of occurrence, monitoring and factors affecting the population of this endangered species. The partner is the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research – NINA. The bilateral initiative received support of EUR 13 039.

A regularly updated table of supported bilateral initiatives can be found at:

Can I still apply in the Bilateral fund?

Under the Trolltunga Call, it is still possible to raise grant for bilateral initiatives between Czech and Norwegian partner organizations. Of the total allocation of EUR 100 000, approximately 40 percent (ie. 40 000 EUR) is currently available.

Photo: black grouse – Ondřej Prosický,